JT65-HF 1.0

Receive and transmit JT65A protocol using radio frequencies
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JT65-HF is a program that allows users to receive and transmit the JT65A protocol using amateur radio frequencies. This way, clients are transforming their personal computers into radio stations. The installation goes smoothly and doesn't take a lot of time to complete.

Visually, JT65-HF has a simple interface, with lots of buttons that tend to be a bit overcrowded. The information is spread across the menu which makes the learning curve quite deep. The text font seems poorly chosen and the grey theme colors make the interface look outmoded.

Despite its poorly designed interface, the program's functionalities are well-implemented. They cover a vast area and can be used for several activities. Users can select their preferred sound input and output device, define a callsign, prefix, or grid, and enable automatic RX/TX sample rate correction. Furthermore, they can add QRG and message definitions, view logs, change the color map and adjust the brightness, speed, or gain.

To summarize, JT65-HF is a software tool that lets users transform their PC into a radio station. It embeds lots of features and it's free to use. Give it a go!

John Saunders
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  • Has automatic RX/TX sample rate correction
  • Allows QRG addition
  • Includes message definitions


  • Main screen looks overcrowded
  • Has a poor text font
  • Has a deep learning curve
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